Training future primary teachers to use picture storybooks
and promote love for reading

Nadežda Vojtková, Saturday 12.00-12.30

Children´s picture story books are a powerful tool for developing the foreign language competence with young learners. However they have not been used widely in my context. That is why I designed a methodology course in which the trainees created their own projects based on picture story books. I want to share my experience with the designing and developing the course. Originally the course was meant to be a methodology course on using authentic picture books with young learners, however after a few runs I realised that it had a bigger potential. I had to consider the specific needs of the future primary teachers and the constraints on some elements of the course. That is why I have adapted it so that it could help to develop the trainees´ command of English as well as their reader´s and teacher´s competences. I will investigate the changes I have made in updating the course and state the rationale behind them. As a result of the course a group of trainees joined a project in which they set up reading programmes for their schools and carried out a research of the impact of the reading on the pupils´ motivation and language competence.

I have been teaching English at different institutions and I am involved in both pre-service and in-service teacher education. I am very much interested in using literature with young language learners and I have been running courses on that topic for teachers of YLs for four years now. I presented and participated at the IATEFL Young Learner and Teenager SIG Conference in Munich in 2004.