The Gruffalo from picture book to play
Susanne Palmer, Saturday 11.30-12.00

Hands-on literature lessons not only serve the fun factor but also help students understand literature and ensure the learning success.
In projects with a playful character the students make huge progress along the way without sensing the situation a learning situation.

I am going to present a project in which the students were highly engaged. The common work started with the lecture of the short English story “The Gruffalo”, went on with the production of a radio drama and ended with the presentation of a theatre play.

During the process of staging, the children’s comprehension skills were enlarged - either gradually or by spontaneous insights. Verbal and nonverbal utterances showed that they understood the story better and better. This did not only apply to the key players but also to supporting actors and all children who accompanied the implementation in other ways.

Susanne Palmer is a teacher educator at Eichstätt University. Her main aspects in research are:
- Web-supported advanced training for primary teachers of English
- Bilingual education in primary schools