The Same Difference? Intercultural learning in the secondary EFL classroom
based on the picture book A Country Far Away

Almut Küppers, Saturday 10.30-11.00

Two boys in two different parts of the world: they have chores to do for their parents, they play soccer, they enjoy riding the bike. There is hardky any difference in the lives they live – at least according to the images the text creates. Yet, the illustrations will quickly put the reader into the picture and tell a different story...Nigel Gray and Phillipe Dupasquier’s book A Country Far Away is an appealing presentation of real and fictitious worlds in combination with an unusual design and powerful artwork.
It is often argued that the use of picture books can foster the development of children’s imagination (cf. Rösch 1997, Ewing et al., 2008). In this presentation the notion of imagination and creativity will be addressed as well as the concept of stereotyping. However, the teaching ideas presented build on these premises by focusing on a secondary EFL teaching context - not an elementary classroom. The unit ties in with the German (Hesse) 5th grade curriculum and is embedded in a drama in education approach with a focus on intercultural learning.

Dr. Almut Küppers is a trained secondary teacher for EFL, GFL, Politics and Drama in Education. She has worked in several schools in Germany, England and the US as a teacher and teacher trainer. She currently works at Goethe-University Frankfurt as Akademische Rätin (Reader) in the field of EFL teaching methodology and S/FLA acquisition.