So many books so little time young adult novels in ELT
Christian Holzmann, Saturday 11.30-12.00

We will be having a look at both individual and classroom reading for young adults (basically 13-15 year-olds; 3rd to 5th year of English ), with a focus on recent material and at a short typology of exercises that can go with them.
Most of the books have been read by youngsters as individual reading material and been feedbacked in various ways, so it can be safely said which books are popular with young language learners. Wherever possible, film tips will be added. Particular attention will be given to the new wave of vampire literature.

Christian Holzmann has been teaching English, German and Media Studies at the Rainergymnasium and at the Sir-Karl-Popperschule (for the highly gifted) for more than thirty years. He is also a lecturer in methodology at the Department of English at the University of Vienna and the co-author of numerous successful textbooks; he has published a variety of articles on (young adult) literature, media studies, ICT, school development, evaluation and methodology in general. He reviews books (cf. and is also involved in various projects to develop a passion for reading and for the cinema.