The “Art” of teaching Creative Story Writing
Maria Luisa García Bermejo, Teresa Fleta Guillén, Friday 10.30-11.30

Storytelling is a very old form of teaching, it has been called the oldest and the newest of the arts and during story time sessions teachers and pupils share language, content and feelings. Stories are ideal language and content facilitators and children and adults can benefit from creating their own materials in a great number of ways. To motivate children to write and read in EFL, teachers and student teachers need in-service opportunities to write and read creatively themselves. The main aim of this session is to show methodologies that promote story writing and story telling in EFL.

This session has a multi-fold purpose: 1) to stimulate learners’ imagination and creativity involving all the sensory channels; 2) to foster collaborative learning; 3) to support the development of all skills in EFL; and 4) to show how to create a rich linguistic environment that promotes language and content learning through the production of stories.

We will show the participants the final product from two projects on creative writing. We will see child and adult learners tracking the process of creating stories. We will listen to stories told by student teachers at university, and by children at school. Finally, pedagogical implications will be drawn concerning the benefits of using story making and storytelling for internalizing the English language patterns; and of incorporating music and art for visualization.

Dr M. Teresa Fleta is a researcher, teacher and teacher trainer. She has a PhD in Theoretical Linguistics and Language Acquisition. Her research relates to child language acquisition and has carried out researching activities in immersion classrooms. She teaches an MA Seminar at the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.

Dr M.Luisa García Bermejo is an Associate Professor at the School of Education, UCM (Madrid). She holds a PhD in English and an MA and M.Ed. in TESOL. She teaches English, Didactics and the Teaching of Literature. Her research focuses on SLA and ICT and language and literature teaching.