Hildesheim University is well known for its “Hildesheimer Model”. Internships in local schools play a part in both the BA phase and MEd phase of teacher education in Hildesheim. Studies at Hildesheim University are typically interdisciplinary, extending horizons beyond the close confines of a chosen subject.
The historical centre of Hildesheim, a small city in lovely countryside. Hildesheim lies 30 km south of Hannover, the capital of Lower Saxony.

The splendid Knochenhaueramtshaus, in the medieval market place, is pictured here. Once an extremely impressive guild hall, this is now a museum and restaurant, and one of the most famous half-timbered houses in Germany.
There is still a good number of half-timbered houses in Hildesheim that were not destroyed during World War II. The houses here can be seen around spectacular St. Godehard's Church. Please note that the temperature can be very chilly in Lower Saxony in the winter, and there may well be snow in the month of February.
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